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Identity Theft Gets Less Personal

Company directors and other company officers are now considered a higher risk of identity theft!

The matter came to light when a firm of accountants recently checked the registered office for one of their clients and found that it had changed. The company concerned were unaware and the new address meant nothing to them. When a copy of the form changing the registered office was obtained the signature appeared to be forged.

The reality of this fraud is that any documents sent to the registered office, including cheques, could have been redirected to the 'new premises' organised by the identity thief.

Upon discussion with Companies House, they advised the accountants that they are aware of fraudsters even forging the names of existing directors to appoint new ones. The names of genuine directors were then being removed.

Clearly extra vigilance is becoming necessary although one wonders if Companies House should not be reviewing their procedures.

Published by BP Insurance, October 2008

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