Winter Home Prevention Tips

by | 8/02/21 | BP Insurance Brokers News


Prevention is better than cure, that’s why we’ve put together some great top tips to warmly wrap up your home this winter season.

Preventing burst pipes

Protect pipes and tanks with good quality lagging.
Repair dripping taps and faulty ball valves as they can cause waste pipes to freeze.
During freezing conditions leave the heating on a constant low level, and drain all equipment that is susceptible to condensation or freezing.
Install a frost stat to central heating and check its working correctly.
Service your heating system every year.
Make sure your boiler is safeguarded against freezing – particularly drain and condensate lines.

Other great tips to help protect your home this winter

Reduce drafts – Look for small gaps around windows, fireplaces, and doors where cold air could be coming through and seal these with draft blockers.
Keep your gutters clear – Regularly clear away any leaves located near gutters to prevent them from falling into drain pipes and blocking them.
Check the roof – Make sure any broken or missing tiles or slates are replaced and any other damage repaired. Its’ especially important to check flat roofs, which generally need re-covering every five to ten years. Keeping the rain out is one of the most important things you can do.
Deter burglars – draw your curtains during the evening so that you don’t let potential burglars see what you have in your home when the lights are on.
Use a light timer – this will help make it look like someone is at home.

Being prepared

Make sure you know the layout and routes of all water, gas and electricity services within your home.
Know the location of all main and subsidiary stop-taps and ensure they are fully operational.
Keep the details of reliable local plumbing contractors to hand in the event of an emergency.
Keep your insurance details to hand so you know what you’re covered for and who to
contact if your home gets damaged.