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Laid up vehicles – Commercial Lines

If you have taken the decision to register any of your vehicles as off the road (SORN) due to the impacts of COVID-19 – and have formally requested your vehicles to be “laid up” – Aviva will support you as follows:

Motor fleet clients

Aviva will be happy to amend your policy cover to reflect the ‘laid up’ vehicles and provide you with an appropriate difference in risk premium. This will apply to policies on both a declaration basis and an as and when basis.

The vehicles will remain “laid up” until you inform BP Insurance Brokers you wish to place your vehicles back on full cover. At this time, an additional premium would be payable. For policies subject to declaration Aviva will take into account any refund made when they calculate the final year-end declaration adjustment.

Please note, special type and agricultural vehicles are excluded from these arrangements.

Motor trade clients

As Aviva hold additional covers for your business (such as Property insurance) they’ll recalculate your premium by removing any vehicles that are notified as off road from your ‘Road Risks’ section and move the exposure to your Property section, ensuring that the Sums Insured adequately reflect the additional exposure.

As there’s no need to insure your vehicle for road use and any potential third-party claims, this will result in a return of premium for you. Please note, Aviva are only able to offer this option where the SORN vehicle is being stored at your commercial premises. When your vehicles are ready to go back on the road, Aviva will increase the cover back to the level you require.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please speak to one of the team at B.P Insurance Brokers.

Change in business use

If you notify B.P Insurance Brokers of changes to your business due to the impact of COVID-19 e.g. where you’ve had to close your restaurant but are now operating as a takeaway or changing manufacturing to support production of ventilators for the NHS, Aviva have advised us they will look to offer risk management, guidance and support. This will be subject to the existing terms and conditions in your policy.

Aviva will also look to be flexible and where possible, not charge any additional premiums.

Aviva will wholeheartedly continue to support you to trade where they can.

Approach to Renewals – Commercial Lines

Aviva’s priority is to continue to maintain a business as usual approach and avoid driving further uncertainty for you.

Aviva recognise that the timely notification of renewal terms is more important than ever. That’s why they’ve prioritised renewals to provide much longer lead times for us to conclude renewals with you.

Hopefully the changes Aviva have introduced will ease some of the pain points for you.

They are continuing to work on additional measures and will bring these to us once they are confident that they can deliver them without undermining their core service levels.