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This is an extraordinary and anxious time. We are facing an extended period of uncertainty and restrictions on our personal movements to defeat an ‘enemy’ we can’t see, touch or hear. We know this is having a big impact on you and your customers, so LV Broker wanted to update you on what they’re doing, when you need them most, during this difficult time.

LVBroker’s commitment to BP Insurance Brokers and our customers

LV Broker’s commitment remains unchanged – they put their people first and our customers at the heart. Their focus is on supporting existing customers, with the following priority order:

  • Claims
  • Service, support and renewals
  • New business

How LV Broker are supporting BP Insurance Brokers and our customers

Here are just a few examples of how they’re supporting BP Insurance Brokers and our customers:

LV Broker are working hard to improve our ability for their teams to work remotely. This is increasing on a daily basis and we expect to be able to continue to support BP Insurance Brokers in the coming weeks

Their claims and broker support teams are working hard, in challenging circumstances, to respond to our needs
Home insurance cover with LV Broker will not be affected when doing office-based work at home or if the home is left unoccupied over the policy day limit, due to COVID-19

Motor insurance cover with LV Broker will not be affected if a key worker needs to drive to different locations for work or if there is a need to drive to work instead of using public transport or if the vehicle is being used for voluntary purposes to transport medicines or groceries to support people affected by COVID-19