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We’re here to help

COVID-19 is causing uncertainty to every aspect of daily life – Plum Underwriting want to provide BP Insurance Brokers and our policyholders with comfort about their stance on the effects of the current crisis.

A change in circumstances

  • Working from home – as a reminder of Plum Underwriting’s current stance, we do not need to know if this is of a clerical nature only. If it’s non-clerical, please let BP Insurance Brokers know the details in the usual way
  • Owner occupied home becomes unoccupied – if an owner occupied home insured with Plum Underwriting becomes unoccupied, cover normally restricts after 30 or 60 days, depending on the product. This remains unchanged, however if a claim occurs and the period of occupancy has exceeded the limit due to the impact of coronavirus (eg stuck abroad or self isolating at a second home) then Plum Underwriting will consider each case individually, looking to take a sympathetic approach in adherence with government guidelines

Policy conditions with timescales

Plum Underwriting will look to take a sympathetic stance regarding policyholder circumstances on policy conditions which dictate that an action should occur at regular intervals or at a specific time, where at the time of making a claim the condition could not be met due to restrictions caused by coronavirus. Here are some examples:

  • Unoccupied home – 14 day (unless amended) inspection warranty
  • Retreat & Retreat Overseas holiday homes – 30 day inspection / turn off water when not in use
  • Let property – 30 day inspection when unoccupied, 14 day unoccupied escape of water exclusion, 6 monthly inspection
  • HomeWorks/PropertyWorks – 7 day inspection, 30 day cover restriction after works cease

Underwriter requirements with timescales

Where Plum Underwriting have applied a clause to the policy which has a requirement to be completed within a certain timescale they will be happy to consider extensions where this cannot be achieved due to the current crisis.

Examples are:

  • Security installations (alarms, fire alarms, locks, safes)
  • Surveys
  • Valuations
  • Jewellery inspection

Confirming cover at new business or renewal

For renewals Plum Underwriting will temporarily allow a period of grace of 28 days.
For both new business and mid term adjustments where there’s a notification delay due to the current crisis Plum Underwriting are happy to look at each case individually regarding back dated cover.
Where Plum Underwriting are unable to offer renewal terms due to their underwriting stance, they’re happy to allow the policyholder 28 days from the renewal date to seek alternative cover – if an extension is required to the 28 days, please let BP Insurance Brokers know.