Don’t get caught out by a cold snap

by | 20/03/23 | BP Insurance Brokers News


It’s the same every year. Just when we think we’re heading out of the cold weather, we wake up one morning to a covering of frost or – worse – ice.

All it takes is a change in the weather patterns for the temperature to drop sharply, bringing with it all kinds of unwelcome challenges.

Make sure your home is ready for a sudden cold spell. Pipes should be lagged, especially in colder places like the loft, and you may consider putting your central heating on for short spells throughout the day to keep the property’s temperature up.

Mornings are often the worst part of a cold snap. If your car is iced over, it can be tempting to leave the engine running while you carry on getting ready, but this is a perfect invitation to opportunist car thieves – and if you leave your car unattended with the keys in, your insurance provider will probably walk away from you.

Keeping a cold weather kit in your car is a must. It only takes a few minutes to put together the essentials, and you could well be glad of them if your car breaks down or you’re involved in an accident.
Of course, another key consideration is always your breakdown insurance, so if you haven’t got the right cover in place, it’s better to think about it now than when you find yourself stranded.

Cold Weather Kit

First aid kit
Ice scraper       
Flask of hot drink
Non-perishable food
Grit or cat litter 
Snow chains
Spare tyre         
Jump Leads

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