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Is your vehicle stuck in a Police Compound?

There can be many reasons why your vehicle has been impounded in a police compound. Maybe you didn’t know your policy had expired or your direct debit failed. Was your vehicle insured, but not for the correct use? Perhaps you thought your own insurance policy allowed you to drive other cars or someone else used your vehicle, thinking they were insured. Let us help. We can organise documentation quickly, and the policy itself lasts for 28 days, so there’s no need to sit this one out. Our team can help you take the first steps to getting your vehicle back.

Our short period Impounded Car Insurance can assist you in the release of your impounded car when it is in a police compound. When you collect your car from the compound, you must produce documentation to the compound which includes insurance documentation. Important Note: Most other insurance policies specifically exclude use for releasing impounded cars from compounds.

Our policies are specifically designed for this purpose.

  • This is a 28 day policy specifically for releasing an impounded car from the compound.
  • The cover is Third Party Only.
  • The necessary documentation to release your impounded car from the compound can be emailed to you as soon as we have all the information and payment. Don’t pay more compound storage fees than you have to!

As a broker, BP Insurance Brokers has been helping people arrange motor insurance in the UK for the past 60 years.

Can I use one day car insurance to collect my seized car?

You cannot use an insurance policy issued for one day in order to secure the release of an impounded car from the a police compound. To release the vehicle the legal owner will need a special impounded vehicle insurance policy that is valid for at least 28 days.

Can I name additional drivers on impounded car insurance?

It is possible to appoint a designated person to drive the seized vehicle out of the police compound on behalf of the vehicle owner. There must be a viable reason why the policyholder is unable to obtain the vehicle for the impound in person.

  • The policyholder has been banned from driving or has their licence revoked.
  • The policyholder is unable to drive the vehicle due to ill health
  • The policyholder is currently not in the UK.
  • The policyholder’s age is below 21 years old.

Can I use a Driving of Other Cars (DOC) extension to collect my impounded car?

It is not possible to use a DOC to release an impounded motor vehicle.

Why do the Police seize vehicles?

Under section 165A of the Road Traffic Act 1988, the Police have the power to seize any vehicle that is being driven without a valid insurance policy or where the driver does not hold a valid driving licence. If the driver has committed the offence or the Police are unable to establish insurance cover being in place at the roadside, the car will be seized and taken to the impound, where you will be charged a release fee plus daily storage charges until the vehicle is collected. There is a strict time limit of 14 days as explained in the S.165 notice that will be handed to you at the roadside. After this date there is a risk that your vehicle could be crushed. When you take our impounded vehicle insurance we deliver your certificate of insurance by email as soon as your payment has been received.

For Example:

  • Policyholders who thought their policy had auto-renewed.
  • Vehicles that were insured but for the incorrect use.
  • Drivers who thought they had the Driving Other Cars extension.
  • Policyholders who had allowed someone else to use their vehicle, thinking they had insurance in place or a full current driving licence.