All set, indoors and out

by | 26/04/24 | BP Insurance Brokers News, Latest News


Lighter mornings and daffodils give us a glimpse into the (hopefully) better weather to come.

Before you grab your gardening gloves and head out to tidy up the flower beds, though, it’s worth taking stock of the condition of your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Home maintenance often comes onto the agenda at this time of year. Check for signs of winter damage such as loose tiles, blocked gutters and clogged drains; sorting them out isn’t pleasant, but it’s better than the alternative. If you’re wary of working at heights, don’t take risks with your own safety – get a professional in.

Look out for signs of wear and tear. Shed doors are often weak – do you really want thieves to let themselves in and help themselves?

Trellises or wall-mounted ladders may have become loose – they could fall and cause damage or injury.

Mortar in the walls may have crumbled over the winter and be prone to damp – re-pointing will help your home in the long term.

Garden tools are often neglected from one year to the next, so give them some TLC and you’ll reap the bene­fits. After months locked in a cold, damp room, electric tools such as lawnmowers should be thoroughly checked over, with particular attention paid to their power cables.

Bladed tools should be sharpened, and hinged items such as shears need to be oiled.

This isn’t just about looking like an experienced gardener; it’s an important part of keeping your garden equipment safe and effective.

Head indoors and there’s more food for thought. Try to look at your home with fresh eyes and consider any recent additions you’ve made, as these might need to be reflected in your home contents insurance. That shiny new television might be your latest pride and joy… if you were burgled, would you be able to claim for it?

The value of the gadgets in your home can mount up without you realising it. Specialist items like golf clubs or antiques should always be flagged up to your insurer in case you need additional cover.

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