Business insurance isn’t just for suit-wear­ing high-flyers and corporate giants.

Every company should have the right kind of insurance in place, and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

As with all insurance, it’s about protecting yourself, making sure you aren’t left in the lurch if something goes wrong.

Bought a shirt and injured yourself on a pin left in the cuff? The shop’s public liability insurance is there to make sure you can claim from them. Likewise, a trades­man who reverses his van into your garden wall will be covered by his insurance, so you won’t have to foot the bill yourself.

Every enterprise needs the right business insurance – it’s what makes for a more accountable, responsible marketplace. The principle is, if you’re providing a prod­uct or service, there’s a risk involved. Even the most delicious cupcake loses some of its sparkle if the artisan baker who made it didn’t see the bit of rust that fell in from the inside of the oven.

Arranging business insurance might seem like a bit of a hassle, with phone calls to make and paperwork to check. However, it’s more straightforward than you might think, and once it’s organised, it won’t be on your mind any more.

Spending a few minutes getting your policy sorted is surely a lot more enjoyable than finding your­self on the wrong end of a court case!

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