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Taxi insurance is fare enough

Taxi insurance is notoriously more expensive than ordinary motor insurance, but the reasons why aren’t as well known.

On balance, it makes sense – after all, taxi drivers cover a lot more miles, often in crowded conditions, and their vehicles are often larger to accommodate passengers. However, this doesn’t mean arranging your taxi insurance should be overly complex. As with car insurance, there are many different kinds of taxi insurance available, so there’s sure to be a policy that suits you.

Private hire covers taxis that have to be pre-booked or wait at a designated rank, whereas public hire (also known as hackney carriage hire) covers taxis that can be hailed in the street too. Naturally, the type of vehicle is also a consideration, with saloons, black cabs, minibuses, MPVs, and limousines subject to different conditions.

An addition to the fold is the telematics taxi insurance, which aims to combat the rise in “crash for cash” planned collisions or false allegations of dangerous driving. A small telematics box is fitted in your taxi and records what happens during your journey – the results can mean the difference between a successful claim, and being off the road for longer than you can afford.

Taxi insurance can be arranged quickly and easily with BP Insurance Brokers, letting you get out on the road more quickly! We can cover all licensing authorities, and we cover Taxi Fleets too. Whether you are looking for annual or short-term taxi insurance, single vehicles, or fleets – we can help.

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Whether this is the first time you are insuring a vehicle for Hire & Reward, or you have decades of experience, BP Insurance Brokers can help you.

Public or Private Hire? Contract work for schools and airports? Chauffeuring your thing? Maybe you only work part-time? We can help.

Should you need we can organise all documents to be sent to you the same day and, where required, we will email your documents to your Local Authority or Operator straight away.

Our policies can include:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Legal Expenses
  • Replacement Taxi

Our Taxi Insurance policies can cater for all your needs.

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